Tips to Avoid a Moving Nightmare

Moving is one of those things that most people dread. It always seems to put a damper on the excitement of moving to your new house. If you dread moving, it's probably because you usually decide to do the packing and moving yourself.

If you have done your own moving before, you're probably already getting a headache just thinking about it. You and your spouse will probably bicker because one of you will want to finish as quickly as possible, while the other wants every little thing to be organized as the boxes are packed. Your aunt and your sister-in-law will do more talking than packing. The most helpful person will also be the one whose car smells like their dogs, and so will your clothes. Everybody's kids will be bouncing off the walls and generally getting in the way. Your youngest will also decide he wants YOU all day and will either be glued to your leg or crying.

Once everything is moved and you've bought lunch and dinner for everyone, then the unpacking and furniture arranging starts. Everyone has an opinion on where the couch should go, your mom and your aunt don't like the color the dining room is painted and you can't turn around without someone asking where you want to put something. You've also now paid the oldest two of the kids to keep the rest of them under control.

By the time everyone leaves, everyone is sick of each other. Your spouse and kids have told you they never want to move again, which is fine with you because it's the only thing you've agreed on all day.

Moving day doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to spend a weekend tripping over each other and squabbling just to get moved. And you don't have to hire a service that sends loud, sweaty oafs to move your things with the amount of delicacy and attention to detail as a pair of bulls in a china shop.

When you hire a professional removalist service such as Jones Removals, you're not only getting your belongings packed and moved in the most time-efficient and space-efficient way possible, you're getting a company who is dedicated to moving your things carefully and with the greatest degree of respect and care possible.

Imagine moving day with Jones Removals. You can explore your new neighborhood and meet your neighbors. You can see a movie or go to the local park and then go out for a nice leisurely dinner with the kids. When you return to your new home, your clothes are in your closets, your books are on the bookshelves and your kitchen items are unpacked into your cupboards.

The next day, you drive back to your old house, curious to see how the cleaning and beautification service went. Not sure how things would turn out, you bring a few cleaning supplies. Just in case. But you find that your old home is clean and ready for the new family to move right in.

Using a professional removalist service such as ours will make any move, whether it's across town or across the country, a much more enjoyable and worry-free experience.



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