A Removalists Insight Into Picking Furniture in Sydney

Being in the furniture removals business we see a lot of furniture. As a result we have unique insight into how people buy there furniture Sydney wide. Here are some of our tips to picking the furniture for you home.

What style of furniture reflects your unique personality? Most people tend to prefer Traditional, Contemporary, or Casual styles of furnishings. It's likely that you prefer one style over the others, yet enjoy elements from all three types of design.


The specific styles that fall under the general heading of Traditional furnishings include Victorian, Neoclassic, and Colonial Revival designs. Traditional furniture often combines elaborately carved or shaped natural wood with fine and elaborate upholstered coverings. This style is characterized by free use of decorative accessories, thoughtfully arranged to provide an air of elegant formality. Colors tend to be rich, medium tones highlighted with deep jewel toned or pastel accents.


Contemporary furniture styles include Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern and Minimalism. Characteristics of contemporary furnishings include clean lines and living spaces that are not cluttered. Contemporary rooms typically incorporate open space, which contributes to the open feeling of flow and elegance associated with this style.

In contemporary design, surfaces are not cluttered with display items, and only the most minimal window dressings are utilized. The use of color in contemporary design is generally limited to neutral or black fabrics. At times, sparks of bold colors are used to accent contemporary accessories. Both furniture pieces and accessories have clean lines, and often include elegant architectural details. Many designs are geometric.


Casual furnishings include Rustic, Cottage, and American Country designs. Rustic furnishings are based on heavy wood furniture very close to its natural state. Heavy carving and ornamentation are not used in Rustic décor. Accessories used in rustic décor typically include images that reflect nature and wildlife.

The Cottage style is very different from Rustic elements. Cottage furnishings are often made from light or white distressed wood. Accessories used in Cottage decorating themes include pastels, lace, and floral designs. Country may be classified by light wood finishes that combine elements of both Rustic and Cottage décor.

Deciding which style of furniture your prefer may require some serious thought. Even if you enjoy aspects of each style, it's important to consider how well different pieces will fit together in your home. While you can incorporate your eclectic tastes into your home décor, you need to think ahead when purchasing pieces that will be placed in close proximity to each other.

Remember that furnishings form the basis of the design of your home. Make sure you are looking closely at actual pieces of furniture rather than just at the accessories designed to complement them when picking out the style that suits you. You also need to spend time thinking about whether or not the furnishings you like are practical for your home, your family, and your lifestyle. Never purchase a chair or sofas without first sitting on it to see how it feels. If you're looking at dining room tables, be sure to pull up a chair so you can see how you will feel when seated. Make sure the furnishings you select reflect your personal sense of style, and that it makes a comfortable and useful addition to your home environment.



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