Protecting the Environment

We use considerable resources in moving your house. We do several things to make our operation environmentally friendly and minimize use of these resources:

Boxes, see above for our policy on use of boxes which maximizes the life of these, making the most of the number of trees that have to be cut down and the water used in their manufacture.

Fuel good maintenance of diesel engines and the injectors maximizes fuel usage and cuts down on black particle exhausts which are carried around the globe settling on ice where they absorb the sun's heat rather then reflecting, it contributing to the melt at the poles.

We also have converted one of our old petrol driven trucks over to ethanol. This much maligned fuel burns cleanly and most importantly is greenhouse neutral. The co2 which comes out of that exhaust was captured recently by a sugarcane plant, completing the carbon cycle. By comparison fossil fuels release carbon that has been trapped underground for millions of years with consequences we can only dread. This truck will for the moment be used for local moves.

We are fitting our trucks out with "hopper stopper" whistles. These are fitted to the outside of the vehicle and when the vehicle is moving, emit a high frequency tone which we can't hear but which kangaroos and wildlife can. They are chased away from the highway thus reducing road kill. You can obtain this item and fit it to your car. The product code is ELS, you go to and go to the online store. Price just $29.95 for two.



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