Hiring an Environmentally Conscious Removalist

When it comes time to move house, the environment may not be the first thing on your list, but for more and more people, the idea of having an environmentally friendly home is very important. Maybe not at the top of the list, but right up there.

You can of course make your move more environmentally friendly by doing things like recycling hazardous waste properly, and recycling, instead of throwing out, anything that can be recycled. This will include things like all those old papers and magazines you've been thinking you'd look at someday, and all the old glass jars that used to hold something identifiable in the refrigerator.

One of the best things you can do for the environment when you move is to hire a removalist who cares about the environment and actively works to make sure their removal practices are environmentally sound.

The first thing that comes to mind, of course, is boxes. For most items, such as books, clothing, and your everyday dishes, a previously used box is probably perfectly adequate, and saves the environment in two ways. No more trees have to be used to create a new box for those items, and no old boxes have to be discarded. For some delicate items like your good china, the removalist may recommend a new box, but most of the boxes your removalist uses can be used boxes, or you can use new boxes and the removalist can pick them up and reuse them for another client.

Another area where removalists can really make a difference in the environment is with their vehicles. By using the most fuel-efficient vehicles, and maintaining them in good condition to cut down on emissions and pollution, removalists can make a contribution to the environment. Some removalists are even switching to ethanol-powered trucks to cut down the environmental impact of their services.

Another popular environmental move, in Australia , is called a "hopper stopper." This is a device that emits a very high-pitched sound, inaudible to humans but very annoying to wildlife, including kangaroos. The hopper stopper is fitted onto the front of a vehicle and cuts down on road kill. This is good for the wildlife, good for the environment in general, good for insurers and good for homeowners hiring removalists, because it cuts down on costs, as well.

You can help your removalist with their environmental efforts by packing well or hiring either the removalist or a packing service which uses the least amount of materials, and the "greenest" packing materials, possible. If you need padded wrapping or paper, try to find someone who's moved recently and can donate theirs to your move; your removalist may be able to both help you find recycled packing materials and help you recycle them again once you've finished with them.

Removalists who know their clients care about the environment will do everything they can to help you have a green move. If you're not sure that your removalist works with the environment in mind, ask. If you like a particular removalist, you might even make suggestions as far as used boxes and recycled packing materials to improve the environmental impact of your move.



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