Moving in Australia ? Make Sure Your Removalist Passes This Checklist

It's moving day. Your new home is waiting for you - and you're waiting for the removalists. And waiting. And waiting. Ah, here they are. Except there are only two, when you were told there would be a crew of movers. And that that really a moving truck? Oh, well, at least they're here. What? Cash after they move your belongings? A business card? Sure, they have a business card, but it doesn't list their physical address. Just a phone number.

The manager? Oh, he's not on duty today. Just these two guys. Everyone else is out on other jobs.

If this all sounds a little suspicious, that's because it is. In fact, it's very suspicious, and if you hire a removalist like this, you are very likely to find that you can't track them down if there's a problem. You'll be lucky if they show up at all, and if they don't break everything they touch. Of course, there are some good removalists who might not pass the following checklist, but they are hard to find, because there's no way of knowing what you're going to get if they don't pass the following checklist.

Here are the items you want to check off to ensure you are hiring a quality removalist who operates to very high standards.

  • They have been in business for at least 5 years.
  • They have professional corporate image, with consistent branding across their ads, website and trucks.
  • They have testimonials from previous clients.
  • They have a website, a physical address and a 1300/1800 number.

No professional removalist would be without the above list and it indicates that in addition to that they are more likely to have proper staff training, carry the correct insurance policies, own and use proper equipment, operate from suitable premises and operate secure storage facilities.

On the other hand a fly by night, inexperienced or sloppy removalist would simply not pass the checklist.

Moving is a difficult business. You know this if you've ever moved anywhere, and you're probably very conscious that hiring the right removalist is a key to a smooth move.

Starting with a 'checklist passing' removalist makes a good move more likely because you know that they will arrive on time and work quickly but effectively and safely. If there is a problem, you know that they have a physical address and a real presence, and is not some fly-by-night operation you will never see again.

When you are moving, you want the experience to be as stress-free as possible. It's just not worth risking hiring the wrong type of removalist.

While it may seem easier, and cheaper up front, to just hire a removalist out of the classified ads, you should avoid these removalists and go with a 'checklist passing' removalist.

One last tip is that you should always take out transit insurance when moving, because things do happen even with the most careful, professional removalist.

Choosing the right removalist and taking out insurance will insure a smooth move.



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