Should You Use Self-Storage?

If you're selling your home and need to get some of your excess "stuff" out of the way, have more possessions in your house than you really have room for, or need to store business records or inventory, self-storage units may be your best solution.

In Australia, the choice between a removalist based warehouse storage or self-storage units usually come down to whether you need access to your possessions or not. Keep in mind that you want to go with the smallest affordable space. If you don't need access to the things in storage until they get moved back to your house then warehouse storage is probably your best option.

However, for people who are storing for the short term, or who need to be able to get into their unit at any hour (some self-storage units are literally open all the time), a self-storage unit can be the best of all possible worlds.

What should you consider? It may seem that cost is the first consideration, but actually the first consideration is how much space you're going to need. When calculating this, you may want to have a talk with the self-storage owner and ask them straight out how much space they think you'll need for what you have in mind. With self-storage you can only hire per unit. Half a unit is not an option. So if you need one and a half units, then you pay for two. With warehouse storage you only pay for exactly the space you need.

Once you have an idea of what space you need, it's time to find the best price on that amount of storage in a location that is convenient for you. Again, this depends on how often and easily you need to access your storage unit; you may save a little by going a little farther field.

When you decide on a storage facility, make sure you read the contract thoroughly and understand not only the owner's but also your obligations under the contract, including your payment date.

It's very important to know your payment date and if there is a grace period. In Australia , many self-storage units are a way to pay the mortgage on an investment property. The land is worth a great deal, and the owners run the self-storage units to pay for the investment. They have high payments, and they can't afford to let clients leave items in storage without paying. The busier they are, the stricter they are in enforcing their payment policies.

At a high-quality, very busy facility, you run a very real risk of having your goods sold if you don't pay your bill or remove your property by the payment deadline. This is not personal; it is a business situation and the storage owner must follow best business practices.

Self-storage certainly can be the best solution for people who need to store items and access them quickly and especially at any time, around the clock. Finding the best storage facility is a matter of shopping around, but knowing what to consider, you should find a facility that works well for your needs.



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