Why You Should Choose Professional Packing

When you decide to move, at first packing yourself can sound like an easy thing to do. You just take things out of the cabinets, drawers and closets, put them in boxes and you're done. Sounds easy doesn't it?

Well, if you're like most people, you probably don't realize how much stuff you have. Those closets and cabinets that you have throughout your house can easily hold twice as much as you might expect. Things get shoved into the backs and corners of cabinets. In closets, old clothes and shoes get pushed aside to make way for new clothes, and boxes and bags of things are stacked on the floor and on the shelves.

When you first begin to go through a cabinet to pack things up, at first things will go smoothly. Then you will run into those items that stump you The bowl that you never liked in the first place. That should go to goodwill. The platter that you borrowed needs to be returned. Those figurines should really be packed with the master bedroom stuff, not the kitchen. Before long, you're spending the time you should be concentrating on packing making decisions about half of the things you touch. The day you planned on spending packing turns into a reorganizing day with a dozen side trips down memory lane. At the end of the day, you may turn around to find that despite all the work you have done, not much has been packed.

Most people who decide to pack themselves run into at least some of this. This isn't because you're not organized or not capable of packing yourself. It's because you aren't packing things. You're packing memories. You're packing opinions. You're packing the objects that represent the life you and your family had built in that house.

A professional packer, on the other hand, is just packing objects. They have no idea which platter is the one you picked up at the discount mart two weeks ago, and which one makes you think about your childhood Thanksgivings with your grandmother. A professional packer sees every single item in your home as something that needs to get from your old home to your new home in the same condition as it was when they pulled it out of the cabinet or closet.

A professional packer also is able to work much faster than you can, because this is what they do every day. They are trained on how to pack items quickly as well as carefully. They know the safest and most space-efficient way to pack everything from cookware to knick-knacks without having to give it a second thought.

When you take advantage of a professional packing service, you can spend those last days in your old neighborhood visiting favorite places for the last time or just having fun with your friends and neighbors. You can trust that your house is being packed carefully and will arrive at your new home ready to be unpacked in to the cabinets, closets and drawers of the home that will hold a whole new set of memories.



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